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Choose any company you want to because its your choice and your decision.But the transparency we provide no one will.We are the most trusted educational company in India.Our previous company name was EDUORG which changed to EOE (OPC) PVT LTD just because our Director never tolerate any kind of cheating.If he can change the whole company just for sake of 1 parents,you can imagine what can he do for thousands of parents. [Please look EduOrg on google].So this is the best example to choose our company.

Yes our company is certified by Govt.of India. Our company TAN no – PTNE01139F , DIN – 08515288 .

Unlike other courses in some other countries,there are no pre – qualifying exams like TOEFL,IELTS etc. For admission in MBBS course in different countries are totally based on 12th marks and NEET qualification.All admissions are strictly on a first come first basis.

First off all MCI screening test is held twice a year in India. The total number of Marks is 300 and you have to obtain only 50% of it i.e. 150.The attempts are unlimited.

Secondly from 2018 whether you study in India(only in PVT colleges) or you study in Overseas, now you have to give MCI screening test ( NEXT) to obtain a license to work in India or give PG exam.

You should know knowledge and degree never get wasted.

 We provide MCI screening test coaching in almost every university overseas. Even if you did not clear the MCI test still you can do your PG from different countries. [We provide UG+PG course in a very less package,Please CLICK HERE for details]. You can work overseas with a better salary package and a better standard of life.

We usually tell these candidates to go and take admissions where they are getting a cheaper package.

But We also tell them a short story. 2-3 year ago a candidates came to our director and he wanted to go overseas and study in Russia. He was very happy as he was going to have a life time experience of studying in another country. He took rates from our company and after 5-6 days he called our director and said ‘Sir I am getting cheaper rates from another consultant, so our Sir advised him to go with that consultant’. We did not hear from him after that. After 6 months he called and said ‘Sir please help me I want to change my college’. We asked him why? He replied that ‘he was sent to a college which was in very interior of Russia and after 8 PM there was a curfew in that area’.

They moral of the story is that never trust anything which is very cheap.  

There is a solid chance of getting a job in the same country you study in .But even if you don’t, there are 54 European countries and 26 Schengen countries or in any country for that matter .The solid reason behind it is that the courses in the universities are recognised by WHO and many other international bodies and the degree from these universities are recognised everywhere,which helps the students to work anywhere.

All the countries & colleges are very much safe for the candidates especially girls.The universities we promote usually have live security cameras,security guard 24×7.The crime rate is very low and they are counted in the top 100 countries in the safety index list. Its even safer than India. You should also know that hostels of boys and Girls are separate. They even provide Indian food.

We at EOE get the Registration done in different universities/colleges.We provide you offer letter/Admission letter of different colleges without taking a single penny. In most of the countries students doesn’t have to go to Embassy for Visa Interview. The visa process is done by us including External Affairs attestation, document translations, Apostle of all documents from foreign ministry, Visa stamping and even airport pickups.

Simply put we are one stop destination for full MBBS process in Overseas.Come and get admission in any of the universities we represent without any tension because we will be with you on each step.

Generally it takes from 15 days to 6-8 weeks depending upon different countries. That means approximately 2 months to 2.5 months. (Sometimes it takes more but we try to complete the process in given time.)

Note : Countries like Germany,Canada,England,Australia and USA takes more time than countries like Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Armenia, Georgia and many more for Visa process.

There are 2 batches in Overseas Medical colleges. One is in Jan (winter) and one is in July/August. (But we can send the candidates till October last).  The winter batches are in some colleges.   

As per MCI the minimum qualification for Indian Students to study in these countries is 50% in physics, chemistry and biology in 12th standard. In case of SC/ST it is 40%. The minimum age should be 17 years.The student should also qualify NEET.

The students who are not qualified NEET can also go but they have to make an affidavit as they are not eligible to come back to India.There is only 1 way to come back to India if they complete their PG from 5 countries [USA,England,Canada,Australia and New Zealand] which are approved by MCI.

Students get unlimited chances to appear in MCI Screening Test. MCI conducts screening test twice an year i.e. June and December. Most of the students clear MCI Examination easily as most of the Universities provide free coaching.

EOE have provided education loan from private and nationalised banks with necessary documents required for Education Loan. We will also provide you with the reference of the students who have got the loan approved for the detailed information on the process involved in the sanctioning of the same.

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