Mob - 09999346575

Dr.Sanjay Kumar

Special Medical Counsellor [M.o. CHC Rania KHUTI (Working for Jharkhand Govt.)]
Mob - 09693473737

Dr. Shamshuddin Mansuri

Special Medical Counsellor [Owner of Feel Hospital in Indore MP & Branch Head and Marketing Head (Central India)]
Mob - 08827514522

Abu Saleh Ashrafi

Office Incharge (Greater Noida Ofiice)
Mob - 07282047422

Anshu Priya

Patna Office Incharge & Lead Counsellor (Patna)
Mob - 07209747477
Shahid 1

Shahid Sayeed

NEET & JEE Teacher [Marketing and Admission Head (Bihar & Gopalganj)]
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Raghubir Kapoor

Marketing & Admission Head (Bihar)
Mob - 09142333793 , 09430663519

Pankaj Kumar patel

Counsellor (Patna)
Mob - 07654747648

Amrita Kumari

Counsellor (Patna)
Mob - 09667087955

Soni Kumari

Counsellor (Patna)
Mob - 09576295610

Priti Singh

Counsellor (Patna)
Mob - 09546555377
Shazz pics

Shahzeb Rashid (Shazz)

Marketing & Admission Head (Jharkhand)
Mob - 07677070008
Shazz Pics 2

Tabish Amin

Marketing and Admission Incharge (Jharkhand)
Mob - 08405901856

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Thank you for visiting our website.Its an honour to serve my fellow Indian.My passion is to establish an Overseas company which helps Indian students to choose the best option for them.I never want any student to suffer the way I did in choosing my career.
My dream is to make sure that every student do what he like (which means he can choose the course which he wants to study)

My passion of establishing an Overseas company has been for almost 13 years.

Thank you for your interest in EduOmega Overseas Education (OPC) Pvt ltd. Choosing to study overseas is obviously a big decision for any student or their parents. We make sure that your decision is right by helping you through every step.

With my experience of working in some of universities and overseas universities, I can relate to the students very easily.I know the ins & outs which helps every student in flying overseas.I have passed on almost every little bit of experience to my team and my counsellors and I will make sure you will be satisfied completely.Everyone at EOE is dedicated to making sure that your journey from selecting the right university and the right course to applying and receiving financial, educational or personal assistance for fulfillment of your dreams is without any hurdle.

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