First Moscow State Medical University,Moscow City

About University

First Moscow State Medical University is the first and the oldest medical school in Russia tracing its history from the medical faculty of Moscow Imperial University founded in 1758.Also Known as I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (FMSMU) is situated in Moscow and represents the largest medical, scientific and clinical complex in Russia. The University proudly holds the position of one of the most prestigious medical universities of Russia.

For over two centuries FMSMU has been a pioneer in the Russian healthcare system. A lot of outstanding physicians and scientists, who contributed significantly to the progress in medicine, worked at the University. In 2018, FMSMU celebrates its 260th Anniversary. FMSMU was one
of the first to start the admission of foreign students back in 1949. Nowadays,about 20% of the students are foreign students and this fact has allowed the University to be ranked first in the list of Russian medical universities in terms of the number of foreign students.Clinical campus of FMSMU was established in 1897. It was considered as one of the best and largest teaching hospitals in Europe.
Today, the modern fully renovated University Hospitals have:  4 000 staff members, 3000 hospital beds, 20 research & teaching buildings, 25 university clinics at University hospital, 25 University clinics at municipal hospitals , 30% high-tech surgeries (Da Vinci robotic surgeries)
In-patient departments of University Hospital provide multi-speciality high-tech healthcare services. In 2018, Comprehensive Cancer Centre was established. It provides cancer patients with full range of medical services.

FMSMU is one of the Medical Universities in Russia which is recognised by WHO/MCI/PLAB means(GMC)/WFME/Association of University programs for Health Administration/European Health Management Association/Open Society foundation.

Ranking : FMSMU is ranked 38 in Russia and 640 all over the World.The rank say it all this is the best University in Russia to study Medical if your budget is Good.

Benefits Of Studying In FMSMU

  • FMSMU is one of the best and the oldest Medical University  in Russia.
  • It has been 260 years since its opening.
  • Degree is recognised all over the world.
  • Top world and country ranking university.
  • Have one of the best infrastructure in Russia.
  • University is recognised by MCI/WHO and major accreditation bodies all over the world. 
  • No Donation University.
  • No IELTS and TOEFL required.
  • Duration of course is 6 years.
  • There is an optional preparatory Language course of Russian Language.
  • It is very helpful id you want to do your PG from Russia with lesser fees.  
  • 20% of the students are from different countries around the world.
  • It has one of the biggest hospitals in Moscow,which has 3000 beds and that is a huge number for any hospital.
  • It has one the the best research departments here.
  • With this kind of ranking,infrastructure,University hospitals, you have to come and study here to become the best Doctor and a better human being.
  • Environment and hostel facility are very good here and people are very friendly.
  • The Library is a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and
    takes part in the international exchange of library materials. The Library has evolved into the one of the biggest
    European centres of scientific medical data.
  • The Library contains more than 3 million books and one of the biggest in Russia.

The only disadvantage for Indian students is that the Fees structure is on the higher side.But if you have the budget this is the best place to study.

Approx Fees Structure Of FMSMU

First Moscow State Medical UniversityTuition Fees/YearHostel Fees/Year
Fees in USD (Approx)11,800 USD / Year
3800 USD with Food
Fees in INR (Approx)9.55 Lac INR

[1 USD = 81 INR]
3.07 Lac INR with Food
One time fees (at the time of admission)3000 USD (Approx)
Misc Charges 2 Lac INR

NOTE : We would like to inform you that fees in INR may differ because the USD exchange rate changes everyday. AND Secondly there some extra charges known as Miscellaneous charges (Misc Charges).They are same as processing fees. We do not hide any thing from the parents or the students.These charges are not our commision or company development charges.These charges are for Student’s documentation and Visa process.


Misc charge includes everything from providing you offer/Admission letter till dropping you at the hostel.

Student Life And Hostel Life 

While getting education, all students are provided with comfortable rooms in a number of hostels. All rooms are provided with the Internet access, TV set and other electronics. There are bathrooms,lavatories and kitchens for students. In most cases, students use accommodation facilities on the shared basis. All hostels are safe, as they are under the protection of security guards 24/7.

Sports Centre :

Supporting an idea of preventive healthcare, FMSMU has its own Sport Centre called“Burevestnik” for students and staff members use. It is located in close proximity to the academic buildings and hospitals and comprises a football field, two track-and-field sectors, four tennis courts and a tennis wall,as well as an artificial playground, gym, halls for sports classes, with changing rooms and shower cabins.

There is more to the education process than exams and tests. Student life is a unique world, filled with joyful and exciting events such as making new acquaintances and attending workshops and clubs. The university is a so-called city within the city which has everything one might need. Various sport competitions and charity events are being held at the University, and a number of humanitarian n missions from the University have been sent abroad. Students of Sechenov University can visit the Central Medical Library, Museum of Medical History, stadium “Petrel”, student recreation camp “Sechenovets”, botanical garden, animal facility, three student hostels, volunteers’ center, and Publishing house.


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