Counselling Process

Are you and your parents tensed? thinking about which country you want to study and which course to select.And will that course be in your budget.Come to EOE and let us make it easy for you and your Guardians(Parents) to make the right choice when you are guided by the right person and the perfect company. 

Our hard working counsellors will guide you to choose the right path.We try to listen and know the problems of the students and than give them the best advice we can. After an interaction with our counsellor or representative the students feels easier to choose what is best for their future. 

Search A University

After basic conversation we shift our focus  into searching the university in which the candidate wants to go.Your career will truly begins when you choose the right university.

Searching a university in a right country is the key.Some university might be the best but not affordable for some students.But it might be the best option for other students.Here we play a key role in helping and understanding which university/country best for which students.

Before all these we decide with the students and their parents which course they are interested in.

Admission Guidance And Application

This is not just a formality.Admission guidance and Application id the key for any admission procedure.That is why this whole process is under the guidance of our Director Mr. A.Ahsan (With and experience of 12 years in education field).

These points are important and valuable:

  • Filling enquiry form of our company.
  • List of Documents required for admission.
  • All information about Language test and eligibility test requirements. [ TOEFL,GRE, GMAT,IELTS etc]
  • Information about deadline of colleges/universities.
  • Application fees and payment formalities.
  • Simple easy contact methods to know about your admission process.
  • providing you the offer letter and admission letter.

Visa Assistance

If application is the key than without doubt visa is the master key for you to get admission in any university/college.So even this process is directly under the supervision of our Director.

So basically you don’t have to take a step for visa processing.The complete process is done by our company.You just have to provide the documents in the checklist which we will provide you for visa process.The whole process takes 25-90 days depending upon the country we are applying for.And the most important thing is that your all documents should be very accurate and verified.

Pre-Departure and Forex Assistance

Travelling aboard involve certain terms & conditions.But don’t worry we are here for you to guide and bring you awareness about luggage allowed in flights,check-in,boarding terminal and comfortable travel.While travelling in most of the countries we will be available at the airport for your assistance.

Secondly you need help with money of that country that is also know as Forex.We have contract with a few companies directly and it will help you to get the best discounts available.You can even transfer you per year fess through them hassle free.

We have efficient travel desk and we provide you following services :

  • Foreign Money exchange.
  • Tour packages for students families.
  • Airport pickup.
  • Low-price Air tickets (availability on offers)
  • Seat preferences.

As you know we can’t use INR in overseas countries.So we help you in getting Foreign exchanges (currency of the particular country where you are going to study).We will provide you with Forex cards also that will help you to take out money anywhere in the world.We have top Forex companies working with us in making your life easier in countries you are going to study.We can even help you to deposit fees of coming years. 

Airport Pick-Up & Accommodation

Our work does not stop here.We provide pick-up for your convenience so that you have a hassle free landing and reaching your university.Even after reaching the University we make sure you get a desired accommodation  place.We provide you with option of University hostel or private hostel or private housings (flats/apartments).

We try to give you every information which will help you.

Note : We value your education and money.In 90% of the colleges/universities.We don’t take money before providing you the offer letter and admission letter.

Note : We even advise you on IELTS training and Exams.

Note : We help every students to get a education loan if required.

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