On 18th November 2021 the National Medical Commission (NMC) released its much-awaited Gazette MBBS overseas system.After its release,all students who were planning to go outside, students who are studying in overseas and companies who send students, all became curious to know the exact details and guidelines of the Gazette.

This page focuses on important rules mentioned in the new NMC Gazette.Foreign Medical Graduates seeking for grant of permanent registration in India or a legal license to practice in India must abide by the rules mentioned in the Gazette.

There are lot of medical universities in overseas that follows bilingual curriculum.The courses taught in these universities are in the English and local language of that country. According to this rule, a student must have taught all his/her subjects in English only. 

Now the law says, a foreign medical graduate should mandatorily indulge in 12 months of supervised clinical internship after completing graduation.But before this they have to pass the NEXT 1 exam which is conducted by NMC of India.

The law says MBBS course offered by any university in which you get enrolled must for 54 months.Any course less than that duration will not be valid by NMC. In other words, after releasing the NMC Gazette 2021 students must study a minimum of 4.5 years course program followed by a 12 month internship for the same foreign medical institute.

This rule clarifies that no part of the course or training shall be done in India or any other country.That means from now on college transfer is not possible in the middle of your degree. You will have to complete the entire degree from the same university and the same country. (Exceptions are there like the Ukraine war)

This is a really important point to be focused on, that a student needs to register himself/herself with the respective regulatory body of that particular country where you have taken admission.

This simply means, that you must be eligible to practice in that country, where you are pursuing your MBBS.

  All students who are going to study overseas must keep this in mind that the duration of their course should be completed within 10 years from the date of joining the MBBS course.

The release of the new NMC Gazette 2021 created a huge confusion among students because of not having clarity among students about all the aspects,like many countries and universities do not come under this NMC guideline and students who have taken admission in these countries are in confusion whether their degree be valid in India or not.

However it is clearly mention in the Gazette 2021, that the student who have taken admission in MBBS course before 18 November 2021, then these guidelines of the New Gazette won’t be implemented on those students. 

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