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UV Gullas college of Medicine was founded in 1977 , to deliver better doctors and medical services. The UV Gulla , Cebu City,was created with the intention of providing quality medical curriculum to the students of Visayas and Mindanao.Today UV gullas caters to students not only within Philippines ,but also from all across the world.Students from India, Thailand,Nigeria,South Korea,Taiwan,Malaysia,Iran,Nepal,Japan and US. 

At UV Gullas,we incorporate pedagogical approaches, that foster active learning and critical thinking, earlier clinical experience,advanced clinical and basic /population science experiences, and a scholarly project that will allow every student to plan an individual pathway to their degree in medicine. There are more than 35,000 students in UV Gullas . There are 9 campuses for university of Visayas with main campus in Cebu city.The range of Academics covered under Visayas varies from college of Nursing, College of Medicine, College of  Dentistry, College of Pharmacy. There is a campus set aside exclusively for as a centre for Research and Development. Good numbers of labs to learn and unlearn while discussing with their mentors and classmates. Techno campus is how you could describe our campus.Supplicated with smart classrooms and wifi hot spots to aid the students to do better research and active their creativity and research.An all-inclusive Library to cover the vast topics they learn.

UV Gullas College of Medicine id recognised by NMC (MCI), World Health Organisation,US Education Department, International Media Education Directory,The Thai Medical Council has also made UV Gullas college of Medicine of Great Britain. recognisation from the Thai Medical Council has also made UV Gullas College of Medicine one of the seven medical schools in Philippines to be recognised by this board. 

Ranking : UV Gullas college of Medicine is ranked 3rd in Philippines and  7244 around the world.


Benefits of Studying in UV Gullas

  • Ranked amongst top 3 in Philippines.
  • 3 out of 4 stars achieved due to performance,infrastructure and facilities provided in college. 
  • Recognition from WHO, NMC (MCI), USA, UK,California, Canada, Thailand givens them eligibility to migrate and continue studies and continue studies and practice in any of these countries. 
  • English taught programmes.
  • No donation Universities.
  • Individual attention on the students.
  • Practical Exposure is very high as clinical starts from the 2nd year.
  • Intensive Cadaver training.
  • Laboratory facilities ensure that our students understand and practically explore what they have learnt.
  • 1 year or internship before coming back to India ensures that they are already well versed and confident in facing patients.
  • Same climatic conditions ensures that the disease patterns are the same that they can practise in India that they were practising and learning in the Philippines.
  • Research papers ensure that they don’t confine to books alone.
  • Indian foods is provided -Veg, Non-Veg, and Jain to ensure that the students are happy and comfortably settled.   
  • On campus training for USMLE and NEXT (MCI screening test) to help the students clear the tests.
  • 82% average pass aggregate in USMLE till now for 40 years.
  • Extra- Curricular activities are given importance – our students won the National Medical Quiz in Philippines ,not to mention sports and gym facilities ensure that our students have a good all round development.

UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas college of Medicine.Tuition Fees/YearHostel Fees/Year
Fees in USD (Approx)Pre- Medicine Programme
BS [Basic Studies] {Biology}

(For 14 Months) = 8,600 USD

MD 1st Year = 4000 USD
MD 2nd Year = 4000 USD
MD 3rd Year = 4000 USD
MD 4th Year = 4000 USD
MD 5th Year = 2000 USD
(6 Months)

Food & Accommodation
12,000 Peso /month
Fees in INR (Approx)Pre- Medicine Programme
BS [Basic Studies] {Biology}
(For 14 months) = 6.96 Lac INR

MD 1st Year = 3.24 Lac INR
MD 2nd Year = 3.24 Lac INR
MD 3rd Year = 3.24 Lac INR
MD 4th Year = 3.24 Lac INR
MD 5th Year = 1.62 Lac INR
(6 months)

1 USD = 81 INR
Food & Accommodation
17,880 INR / month
OTC (Given to the University)

[Administration Fees, Application & Visa , Documentation, Medical insurance, Flight ticket (one way), Visa conversion, ACR card, Medical fitness certificate, NBI and every assistance]
4000 USD (Given one - time only)
Services Charges25,000 INR

NOTE : We would like to inform you that fees in INR may differ because the USD exchange rate changes everyday. AND Secondly there some extra charges known as Miscellaneous charges (Misc Charges).They are same as processing fees. We do not hide any thing from the parents or the students.These charges are not our commision or company development charges.These charges are for Student’s documentation and Visa process.


Class & Student Life in UV Gullas

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Hostel Life In UV Gullas

  • Air – Conditioned hostels for Indian students within the campus.
  • Separate om-campus hostel for boys and girls is present.
  • Coupled with 24/7 security and CCTV cameras to ensure that they (Students) are safe and accounted for.
  • Indian foods are available (both veg & non-veg), if you want Jain food is also available.
  • 2 seater and 4 seater rooms are available .
  • We have an exclusive Indians as wardens and campus coordinators for our Indian students.
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