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University of East of Sarajevo is located in Bosnia. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1992.Its degree is highly recognised around the world. In 2008 higher education was reformed inline with Bologna process. The doctors who have acquired knowledge and skills here, have improved health care in Bosnia as well  as in surrounding countries, Europe and in the world, which is the greatest acknowledgment and pride of the faculty.

The faculty of medicine Foca has a member of the Association of Medical school in Europe ASME. In order to strengthen the process of internatiolization of higher education started with the introduction of the study program Medicine in English, as well as to stimulate cooperation  among medical schools in Europe. The faculty of Medicine of Foca has been registered in the World Directory of Medical Schools.The mission of this directory is to list all medical school in the world.

People at the faculty of Medicine in Foca are dedicated to the development of science and research for new medical solution to improve health care system and help the population.Our motto is that “investing in young researchers secures our future”. For that reason , we pay special attention to scientific research which is a highly important segment of teaching process, and in 2014 we were proclaimed the best scientific research institution in the Republic of Srpska by the ministry of science and technology. 

Foca is the ideal city for the students – a small place that has succeeded in making a serious and prestigious university community consisting faculty of Medicine, which is part of Public University of East Sarajevo and have about 2000 students all together.The centre for Biomedical Research , consisting of 3 labs. It is equipped with the latest standards, and hopefully, it will grow into a centre of excellence. We have participated over 30 international projects. The first hospital was founded in 1896. From that period the hospital has a long development path.In 1993,it was transformed into clinical centre,thus becoming the teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of East Sarajevo.In 2007,it was named The University Hospital Foca, which provides secondary and tertiary health care.

This university is recognised by NMC (MCI) , WHO , AMSE (The Association of Medical school in Europe) , FAIMER , WFME (World federation for Medical Education), International Association of Universities.

Ranking – University of East Sarajevo is ranked 789th in Europe and 1201 in QS world University ranking.

Benefits of Studying In Sarajevo

  • The University is established in 1992.
  • Its a GOVT. university in Bosnia.
  • Medical degree is approved all over the world, including India.
  • Good quality education available in the university.
  • Medium of education is completely English.
  • Has its own Govt Hospital with approximately 500 beds.
  • Preparation of NEXT and OSCE.
  • Very low and affordable fees structure available.
  • Duration of course is for 6 years.
  • There is an online test for admission in this you can presume the standard of this university.
  • Double sharing rooms in Hostels.
  • Full safety and security of boys and girls in the campus.

Approx Fees Structure of Sarajevo

University of East Sarajevo
(Department of Medicine)
Tuition Fees/YearHostel Fees/Year
Fees in Euros (Approx)1st Year (Tuition fees) = 3100 Euros

[1st Year = 7000 Euros (Including tuition fees + medical assistance + Document translation + Admission fees + Ministry approval + Invitation letter & OTC (one time charge by the University etc)]

Scholarship available upto 1000 Euros

3000 Euros/year OR 23,000 INR / Month
[Hostel + Food]
Fees in INR (Approx)1st Year (Tuition fees) = 2.75 Lac INR

[1st Year = 6.23 Lac INR (Including tuition fees + medical assistance + Document translation + Admission fees + Ministry approval + Invitation letter & OTC (one time charge by the University etc)]

Scholarship available upto 90000 INR

[1 Euros = 89 INR]
23,000 INR / Month
[Hostel + Food]
One time charge (at the time of admission)OTC (one-time charge already included in 1st-year fees)

Entrance Exam fees & Administration feesIncluded in the 1st year fees
MISC Charges1.5 Lac INR

NOTE : We would like to inform you that fees in INR may differ because the USD or Euros exchange rate changes everyday. AND Secondly there some extra charges known as Miscellaneous charges (Misc Charges).They are same as processing fees. We do not hide any thing from the parents or the students.These charges are not our commision or company development charges.These charges are for Student’s documentation and Visa process.

MISC CHARGES :  Offer Letter, Invitation Letter,Document Translation ,Apostle from Indian home Ministry, MEA attestation, FULL VISA process, Visa for 1 year (multiple entry), Indian Embassy registration, Immigration clearance, Travel assist, Airport pickup, pre-departure assistance, Ministry from other countries, Document translation

Misc charge includes everything from providing you offer/Admission letter till dropping you at the hostel.

Classrooms,Infrastructure (Labs) & Students in Sarajevo

 Hostel Life In Sarajevo

The university has its own Modernly equipped student dormitory 1.5 Km away from the faculty.

In additions to the rooms for students , the dormitory also has visiting rooms for visiting professors, a reading room , a library  and kitchen and a boiler room. To the students  to have the best possible conditions in their  “second house” each room has a kitchenette and a toilet. 

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