In this cut throat world of competition ,every students needs an edge in terms of education and career to stay at the forefront.EOE helps provides each student a tool to shape career on his/her terms.We started with EduOrg pvt ltd in 2014 (you can check on Google) which eventually changed to EOE (OPC) PVT LTD. Eduomega Overseas Education (OPC) Pvt Ltd under difficult circumstances in 2019.Our company is basically registered with 4 departments- 1.Event management (Education exppo) 2.overseas education 3. Indian admissions 4. job fairs.

Our Head office is in Patna and our only branch for now is in Delhi/NCR. We are planning to open 2 new branches (in Nagaland and Muzaffarpur) very soon


From very starting we have proved ourselves best in providing one stop solution for students dreaming of studying overseas. with a new name and a new team we are better than before.Our Director has an experience of more than 12 years in educational field.He has worked as a Team Leader,Senior marketing executive and Head of Admission team for different Overseas universities/colleges to understand the work process, which makes it easier for him to understand the situation of different students.

We have some young, enthusiastic and some experienced counsellors in our team.We make our priority that no student are left with a broken dream of studying overseas. 


Our mission is  to be a bridge between students and universities in years to come.Counseling and consulting companies are considered prestigious around the world but it has losts its value here in India due to some unknown names.We are here to restore that trust.It might take 5 or 10 or even 15 years,but we will be here and keep trying.

To do that we need to keep our heads down and just do 1 thing “keep helping students achieve their dreams”.   


To be the best Educational company with a unique dream of taking Indian students towards a goal, which is to make it as easy as possible for the students of India to recognize themselves Globally.That will help them to believe , inspire and dream of studying outside India , be it through Events, Counseling, or any process. 

This dream or vision will continue till our thought goes deep into the interiors of India and we promise that we won’t stop working.

Our dream or vision is to let all Indian students dream of studying outside India with a package within their budget .  We are clear at our Jobs which is very simple “ to make sure that the student is clear and satisfied when he/she leaves our office”. 


These values help our Director and our team to be focused on our vision.


Trying to make an educated world.

  • We guide at least a student towards education everyday.
  • We encourage atleast 10 students to study overseas everyday.
  • We are creating our own legacy.

Dedicated and open hearted

  • We never give up on what we believe.
  • We aim high so that our students aim higher.
  • We see failure as an opportunity to learn.

Transparent and trustworthy

  • We are transparent as glass.
  • We don’t believe in cheating because If you cheat on someone who is willing to trust you with their education and future,you actually cheated yourself out of true loyalty
  • Trust is a two way path.
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