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About Bishkek City

Bishkek is the capital of  Kyrgyzstan.“Bishkek means “the front of the blissful and beautiful mountain , also the fortress of five walls.”Bishkek is centre of Kyrgyz national culture.Science and education in the capital are presented by the national Academy of science, and a large number of specialised secondary  education institutions and higher education.Among them there are 18 universities,20 institute,9 academies.Bishkek is main tourist destination.There are many tourist destination.There are many places of interest for tourists.

City at a glance

About University

Founded in 2019, the Salymbekov University is a direct continuation of the previously launched educational projects of the Salymbekov Foundation Public Foundation founded in 2012.The foundation has implemented many large projects related to teaching,publishing books, holding seminars and etc. All these projects allowed to train and educate more than 25000 people.

The mission of Salymbekov University is to train highly qualified modern personnel and develop human resources by creating a universal educational platform in the Kyrgyz Republic.The general mission of education system,the Salymbekov University strives to form in the Kyrgyz Republic a Universal educational platform of modern higher education with a export potential of educational and medical services,providing high quality   educational services ,providing high-quality educational services according to international, in the best traditions of the educational system of Great Britain,the United States, and also leading countries of Europe and Asia.Our main aim is to transform the University into first-class, innovative and modern educational organisations in the country.

The educational activity of the department is to provide basic knowledge for students and staffs of basic knowledge for students and staff of basic knowledge for the further development of the students as a medical worker.Our lecturers and staff of the department improves teaching materials ,tests, task of practical exercises, lectures for students.The teaching staff of the department does a lot of educational and methodological work, including the development of teaching aids.Teachers of the department of “Clinical Disciplines” have developed documents for all readable disciplines for students.

The Salymbekov University is a university with modern and innovative medical equipment, a modern and beautiful building and highly competitive medical staff, most of whom have medical education,work experience and are fluent in English. The University is an international university not only for domestic students, but also for foreign students.Medical education is provided by the international Faculty of Medicine.The training covers practical training as well as theoretical and humanitarian subjects.Clinical disciplines and hands on work-shops will be held in specially equipped classrooms with mannequins and medical instruments such as microscope, chemical and Physical equipment. 

Recognised by NMC (MCI) ,WHO and MOE kyrgyzstan

Ranking – Salymbekov University is ranked 49 in Kyrgyzstan and 13,279 in the world .

Classrooms & Labs in Salymbekov University

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Benefits Of Studying In Salymbekov

  • Salymbekov University is a Private institution in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Salymbekov has a  Certificate of state registration of a legal entity, registration number 183722-3301-U-e, TIN 01206201910192, OKPO code 30405869, series GRU No. 0057882 dated June 12, 2019, issued by the Chui-Bishkek Department of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • The Medical degree is recognised all over the world.
  • Medical graduates are welcomed all over the world to work.
  • Salymbekov University is recognised by NMC (MCI) and WHO and MOE kyrgyzstan.
  • The Salymbekov University is a university with modern and innovative medical equipment , a modern and beautiful building and highly competitive medical staff.
  • The best part is all medical subjects are also taught by the best faculty from India.
  • Free FMGE/NEXT coaching available.
  • Well furnished hostel and accommodation for Indian students.
  • Indian Mess available , with 3 meals a day.Indian restaurants are also available within walking distance.
  • The best opportunity of study MBBS in just 13 Lac INR 

Approx Fees Structure Of Salymbekov

Salymbekov UniversityTuition Fees/YearHostel Fees/Year
Fees in USD (Approx)1st Year = 4300 USD

2nd year = 3300 USD
3rd Year = 3300 USD
4th Year = 3300 USD
5th year = 3300 USD

[ Medical Insurance included in the fees = 100 USD]

1 USD = 75 INR
Hostel + Mess =
2000 USD
Fees in INR (Approx)1st Year = 3.23 Lac INR

2nd Year = 2.48 LacINR
3rd Year = 2.48 Lac INR
4th Year = 2.48 Lac INR
5th Year = 2.48 Lac INR
Hostel + Mess =
1.50 Lac INR
MISC Charges2 Lac INR
One time fees (at the time of admission)1000 USD
[Already included in 1st year fees]

NOTE : We would like to inform you that fees in INR may differ because the USD exchange rate changes everyday. AND Secondly there some extra charges known as Miscellaneous charges (Misc Charges).They are same as processing fees. We do not hide any thing from the parents or the students.These charges are not our commision or company development charges.These charges are for Student’s documentation and Visa process.


Misc charge includes everything from providing you offer/Admission letter till dropping you at the hostel.

Beautiful Infrastructure of Our University

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Hostel Life In Salymbekov

Our representative of the university,arrange good comfortable accommodation for Indian Students. An International students hostel is there with all basic requirements.We also provide bed,pillow,bedsheet,table,chairs etc. All rooms in the hostel are well furnished. Only 3-4 students can stay in a single room.In case of large rooms the number of students can be extended in case of large size of room. Consumption of alcohol, smoking is strictly prohibited. All the rules and regulations of the hostel should be strictly followed

  Hostel Mess & Canteen

International representative of Salymbekov University arranges Indian food for students.Three times Indian meals are available including breakfast, lunch, dinner.Meal includes pulses, vegetables,chapati and rice.Indian food cooked and served by Indian professional cooks.Students can suggest or change menu for any specific desire.Students can order for birthday celebration,party purpose, festival celebration. Timing should be maintained by the students.Indian restaurants are within walking distance from some universities where students can have their cuisine .Apart from this, there are native cuisines and all other countries dishes are available to experience the cultural variety of food.

Facilities :

  • wi – fi available for students.
  • 24 hours water and power supply.
  • Indian food and Indian canteen.
  • Full time security guards and security camera.
  • Sports centre available for students for different activities.

Sports & Students Life In Salymbekov

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